Stoke Drift is a Waikiki surf school dedicated to the highest quality of surf instruction. Teaching people to surf is our favorite thing in the world … and we’re passionate about you having an unforgettable experience.

We take students of all ages, weight, and experience levels. All students will learn basic safety practices, ocean condition fundamentals, and respect for the cultural significance of surfing.

We also partner with local schools to make our program available to as many children in Hawaii as possible.

Trusted By

Department of Land and Natural Resources Certification
Department of Parks & Recreation Certified
American Red Cross Certified
Hawaii State Bar Association
Saint Louis School Partnership

The Name

The name Stoke Drift is derived from the science term Stoke’s drift and the adjective in the surfing world Stoke (meaning excitement or euphoria).

The science term describes the process by which objects at sea come to rest on shores. Stoke Drift is how the joy of surfing spreads around the world.

Our Team

Cody Sawyer

  • Born and raised in Kahaluʻu.
  • A lifetime of experience in the water.
  • A decade of teaching surf lessons.
  • DLNR Certified Surf Instructor.
  • Operational Manager at Koa Beach Services — Waikiki’s largest beach service.

Nathan Wade

  • Born and raised in Ohio.
  • A decade of surf experience.
  • Surf instructor through college.
  • DLNR Certified Surf Instructor.
  • Licensed attorney.

Our Mission

Our daily objective is to provide customers with a life-changing surf experience. We want to be the highlight of your vacation.

Stoke Drift