Everything You Get On Our Surf Lessons

We pack as much fun and value as possible into every minute of our surf lessons. We want you to surf — not just hang out in the ocean.

Morning Lesson

morning surf lesson schedule

Afternoon Lesson

afternoon surf lesson schedule

Pick Up Window

We pick up anywhere in urban Honolulu (all of Waikiki). We allow 45 mins for pickup to accommodate special requests and ensure on-time lesson starts.

Preparation, Ocean Safety & Land Practice

Upon arriving at the beach students will begin by putting on sunscreen, swimwear (if not already on), and rashguards. We provide sunscreen and rashguards. Students are only responsible for bringing their swimwear.

Then students will head to the beach and discuss wave conditions, and general ocean safety.

Finally, students will learn and practice techniques for paddling out, catching waves, and riding waves (standing up!).

Surfing (1 Hour)

Accompanied by their instructor at all times, students then spend 1 hour in the surf catching waves. Students will receive constant encouragement and positive criticism on improving their techniques.

Rinse Off, Dry Off, & Snack Time

After leaving the water, students will rinse off in a public beach shower. They’ll then return to the van, dry off, and change into dry clothes (optional).

Students are then encouraged to drink bottled water to hydrate.

Drop Off Window

Similar to pick up, we also a lot 45 minutes for dropping students back off. Students can be dropped off anywhere in urban Honolulu (all of Waikiki). Click here for more information on pick up and drop off location restrictions.