Surf Coaching Session Experience

surf coaching land training
surf coaching ocean training

Land Warm Up & Drills (45 Mins)

Kids how to warm up, stretch, and practice technical drills all on land — so that in the water good technique becomes second nature.

Surfing (1 Hour)

Kids spend 1 hour in the ocean catching waves. Our students always learn in the safest conditions possible — with the very best waves, equipment, and instructors.

Rinse Off, Snack & Hydrate (45 Mins)

After the lesson, kids rinse off in public showers, and are provided a towel to dry themselves. Kids can then hydrate and have a snack — all provided by Stoke Drift.

Surf Coaching Schedule & Times

Days of the Week


We offer coaching on weekdays: Monday-Friday. Make up sessions occasionally take place on weekends.

Available Times

afternoon surf lesson schedule

During the school year surf coaching is only available in the afternoon/after school time. The schedule above is an approximate schedule for pick up and drop off.

Surf Coaching Learning Path

  1. Riding Waves With Assistance

    New students are given thorough assistance with catching and riding waves. For the first stage of learning, the student only has to focus on proper pop-up technique, and paddling out through the surf.

  2. Catching Broken Waves

    When the student becomes comfortable with their pop-up technique and wave riding, they can start catching their own waves. Students begin this stage by catching waves that are already broken. This takes the guesswork out of wave reading.

  3. Catching Unbroken Waves

    Once students have mastered the flow of catching broken waves, we introduce them to unbroken waves. This stage of learning has a focus on condition analysis, wave reading, and prediction.

  4. Staying In The Pocket

    Once a student can consistently catch unbroken waves — we challenge them to stay in the pocket of the waves while they surf. New surfers find this very difficult and counter intuitive. But learning to surf in the pocket is the foundation of advanced surfing.

Surf Coaching Includes Everything

surf lesson van
surf lesson equipment: towels, surfboard, water, sunscreen, rash guards
  • Pick Up, Drop Off
    We pick up kids after school and drop them off back at the school or at home (anywhere in urban Honolulu).
  • Surfboard & Leash
    Kids will have a surfboard fitted to their body size. We use soft foam surfboards to make kids feel safe, and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Sun Protection & Towels
    All kids will have daily access to a 50 SPF long sleeve rash guard and 50 SPF zinc sunscreen. Towels are also provided daily.
  • Water, Protein, & Snacks
    Kids are provided bottled water to hydrate before the session. After the session kids get a Whey Protein shake and a snack.

Get Started Choose Your Plan

We know you’re busy—that’s why we offer 3 different plans. Start by purchasing a lesson package below. After your purchase we’ll call you to introduce ourselves, and go over your child’s surfing goals!

1 Day Per Week
Pick Up & Drop Off
Surfboard & Leash
50SPF Zinc Sunscreen
50SPF Rashguard
Daily Water & Snack
Photos of Student Surfing
2 Days Per Week
Pick Up & Drop Off
Surfboard & Leash
50SPF Zinc Sunscreen
50SPF Rashguard
Daily Water & Snack
Photos of Student Surfing
3 Days Per Week
Pick Up & Drop Off
Surfboard & Leash
50SPF Zinc Sunscreen
50SPF Rashguard
Daily Water & Snack
Photos of Student Surfing

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Don’t worry – we offer a full money back guarantee if you’re unhappy within the first two weeks of the program.

14 day money back guarantee

Trusted By

Department of Land and Natural Resources Certification
Department of Parks & Recreation Certified
American Red Cross Certified
Hawaii State Bar Association
Saint Louis School Partnership
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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

What happens after I buy?

After you buy you’ll receive an order confirmation email and a registration email with next steps.

Can I (the parent) join the surfing?

Parents may wait on the beach and observe the coaching. We do not allow parents to join students in the water. For surf lessons (not ongoing coaching) 1 x parent is invited to ride along for the experience.

How can I know if my child is a good swimmer?

This is a common question. Children do not need to be expert swimmers. A child is a good enough swimmer if they feel confident in water over their head and can tread water for at least 1 minute.

Where will the students be surfing?

Students will mostly be surfing in Waikiki. Occasionally conditions will warrant having the lesson at other south shore locations.

What if the weather/conditions are bad for surfing?

On days when there is no surf or bad conditions we will cancel lessons and notify parents

How many students will be in the class?

Class size will vary between 1 and 4 students per instructor.

Still have questions?

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