If you’re interested in growing as a surfer, our multi-day surf lesson packages have you covered.

We give steep discounts to those interested in moving beyond the first lesson.

Pay the base price for the first 5 lessons, and add on as many as you like at the same discount.

How It Works

1) Buy the Package
Buy the package below and complete the checkout process online.

2) Get Your Unique Code

You’ll get an email with a coupon code specific to you that you can use to book your lessons.

3) Schedule Your Lesson

Go to our availability calendar and pick the days and times you want to go surfing. You can book one at a time, or all in advance.

What to Expect

Your First Lesson. Your first lesson will be similar to everyone’s first lesson. We’ll spend 15-30 minutes on land going over safety, paddling, and standing technique. Then we’ll spend 1 hour in the water paddling and catching waves.

The instructor will help you to catch your first waves and slowly progress to you catching waves on your own.

Lessons 2-5. For lessons 2 onward, we’ll skip the land portion and go straight in the water. The instructor will help you progress at your own speed. We’ll work on lining up in waves, paddling back out through oncoming surf, reading lineups, and basic turning.

*Note: For Those Who Can Already Surf: For customers who can already catch their own waves, our instructors are ready to move on to more advanced topics like wave selection, bottom turns, and more. Please contact us if you’re looking for specific skill sets.

Get Started

To get started, purchase the package below. Contact us if you have any questions or issues.

Surf Lessons (5x)

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