Work For Us

We are always looking for talented and passionate surfers to join our team. We prefer to hire surf instructors with more than 5+ years of ocean experience.

Land Duties

  • Maintaining a positive and helpful demeanor with students and fellow surfers.
  • Guiding students through a land lesson that teaches basics and prepares students for mobility.
  • Providing top quality advice for students to better their surfing skills and overall water skills.
  • Providing positive feedback to boost students self esteem.
  • Ensuring all students are applying sunscreen.

Water Duties

  • Wave selection: choose a safe and effective location to conduct lessons.
  • Assisting students with paddling and positioning.
  • Help students catch waves.
  • Maintaining a safe position to ensure overall safety of students.
  • Giving each student divided attention and make sure everyone is included.
  • Observe each student and find areas for improvement.


Interested in working for Stoke Drift? Please fill out the application below. If we’re interested we’ll follow up asking for a resume or references.

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