Using Your Arms When Surfing

Martin Dunn is widely regarded as one of the best surf coaches in the world. In this video Martin goes over why using your arms while you’re surfing is an under-appreciated key to great surfing. You want to lift your arms at the same time you straighten out your entire body to generate power. You […]


How to Surf: the Ultimate Guide to Your 1st Time Surfing

Goals of First Time Surfing What to Remember The goal of your first surfing experience is get a feel for the process. You want to find some success – enough to keep you coming back. Here’s the most important thing to remember about your first time surfing: The outcome of your first surfing experience is […]


Weightlifting for Surfing

Improve your paddling endurance by weightlifting. Use this guide to follow a simple and effective weightlifting routine. You'll build muscle and gain explosiveness.


DIY Balance Board: Build an Indo Board at Home

Build your own balance board to practice balancing at home. No need to pay for an indo board, here are DIY instructions to build your board at home using just plywood and a foam roller.

Stoke Drift