The Best Surf Lessons for Kids

Keeping your child safe is our #1 priority. Our students learn to surf with the very best instructors, equipment, and waves.

I had an amazing time during my surf lesson. Nathan & Cody are very friendly, patience and make you feel…
Hedvig Persson
I’ve never tried surfing before and I am so happy and grateful I did my first lesson here. It was…
Marie Martiskova
Awesome experience! I highly recommend taking a lesson with Stoke drift. Nathan was really nice, patient and friendly. He explained…
Annika Weber

Our Surf Lesson Options

Surf Lessons

Surf lessons are introductory lessons for kids who’ve never surfed before. Surf lessons include a 1 hour land portion where kids learn ocean safety and practice surfing technique.

Surf Coaching

Surf coaching is for kids who’ve had their first lesson and want to improve their surfing. Coaching includes stamina building exercises, technical drills, and personal development plans.

The Surf Lesson Includes Everything

surf lesson van
surf lesson equipment: towels, surfboard, water, sunscreen, rash guards
  • Pick Up & Drop Off
    We pick up and drop off at home or hotel anywhere in urban Honolulu.
  • Surfboard & Leash
    Kids will have a board fitted to their body size. Surf lessons use soft foam surfboard to make kids feel safe and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Sun Protection & Towels
    All kids will have access to a 50 SPF long sleeve rash guard and 50 SPF zinc sunscreen. Towels are also provided.
  • Water, Protein, & Snacks
    Kids are provided bottled water to hydrate before the lesson. After the lesson kids are get a Whey Protein shake and a snack.

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*Kama’aina? We have a program for you! Click here for information on Kama’aina Surf Lessons.

Kid’s Surf Lesson

249.99 / person*

Get a lesson that’s optimized for safety—and where you’re guaranteed to surf or your money back!

You’ll start with a 1-hour land lesson—where you’ll learn general ocean safety procedures & practice your surfing technique before you even get in the water.

Then you’ll spend 1-hour in the surf: reading, catching, and surfing as many waves as you can handle!

Every lesson includes . . .

  • 50 SPF Rashguard
  • 50 SPF Zinc Sunscreen (Non-Eye Irritating)
  • Cold Bottled Water
  • Fresh Towels
  • Whey Protein Shake (Low Sugar) & Snacks
girl friends at the beach for sunset

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

What happens after I buy?

After you buy you’ll receive an order confirmation email and a registration email with next steps.

Can I (the parent) join the surf lesson?

We don’t recommend parents attend surf lessons because it will make children nervous. However, parents may wait on the beach and observe the lesson in progress. We do NOT allow parents to join students in the water or during the land lesson.

How can I know if my child is a good swimmer?

This is a common question. Children do not need to be expert swimmers. A child is a good enough swimmer if they feel confident in water over their head and can tread water for at least 1 minute.

Where will the students be surfing?

Students will mostly be surfing in Waikiki. Occasionally conditions will warrant having the lesson at other south shore locations.

What if the weather/conditions are bad for surfing?

On days when there is no surf or bad conditions we will cancel lessons and notify parents

How many students will be in the class?

Class size will vary between 1 and 4 students per instructor.

Still have questions?

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